SECRETARY : Bernd Reimers

TREASURER : Dunja Manchen

HISTORIAN : Holger Sircoulomb

WEB MASTER : Schalk Erasmus

PHOTOGRAPHER : Zelda Erasmus

RALLY ORGANISER : Christian Knickel


The weekend of February 7 - 8, 2015 was set aside for the HOG Namibia Harley games in Omaruru. This event was again well supported from riders coming in from Windhoek, Tsumeb and the Coast. The Windhoek and Costal riders met in Karibib and then drove in a pack to Omaruru where we shook the little town at our arrival. The games started and many a brave rider and pillion participated, with the audience having as much fun watching the skills (or lack thereof) of the participants. The meeting also allowed the Skeleton Coast Rally crew to discuss some finalities in preparation of the rally. The evening was built around good fellowship, with live entertainment and Jaco and Amanda Heydenreich again taking the trophy of the HOG Namibia Harley Games.

May 14 - 17, 2015 was the big moment when HOG Namibia hosted its first Harley Davidson rally, the Skeleton Coast Rally. Accolades go to Christian Knickel who initiated this rally and executed most of the tasks. The small rally crew of 9 additional members did well and much positive feedback was received by the delegates.
The rally was attended by 305 delegates with 270 Harley Davidson bikes and 35 pillion. These delegates came from all four corners of Southern Africa, including riders from Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Friday, May 15, 2015 kicked off with a Thunder Parade through Swakopmund and onward to Walvis Bay. Some 140 bikes participated, a sight many a resident and rider will remember. The day was misty and the thunder was heard before the bikes came into view - awesome. In Walvis Bay we had a lunch at the Waterfront and whilst many bikes eventually found their way back to Swakopmund, many riders stayed in Walvis Bay to explore the harbour town and find the special little spot for a sundowner.
Friday evening, in the company of Double Trouble, the rally centre was rocking. Tyger Valley Chapter not only had done 4000 km of their 600o km trip, they were also recognized as the Chapter with most visiting delegates (20 in total). Breederevier Chapter won the Hau-den-Lucas inter-chapter competition and Zambesi Chapter won the karaoke inter-Chapter challenge. Marius Aggenbach was the oldest registered rider at the rally (he was born when WW II was still raging). The highlight of the evening was when the Harley owners showed their true spirit and contributed a total of N$ 42 000-00 toward the charity auction.
Saturday, May 16, 2015 a delegation went to visit the Hanganeni School in the DRC informal settlement in Swakopmund where 1/3 of the charity auction was handed over to the school. Apart from receiving N$ 14 000 in cash to build a soup kitchen, Namib Mills donated a further N$ 25 000 worth of food.
Saturday afternoon the inter-Chapter Harley Games and Lady Biker Challenge amused both the participants and spectators with Amelio Bortolos taking the honours in the Harley Games and Sue Nagel in the Ladies Biker Challenge.
Saturday evening was dedicated toward the bikers concourse with Christian Knickel taking the bike of the rally with his Heritage Softail. Two further beneficiaries each received a further N$ 14 000 each, these being the Erongo Anti-poaching Unit as well as the Have a Heart organization. Raffel winners were drawn with Sarel Mynhard from Swakopmund being the proud owner of the Sporster 883 Iron. After a lot of ``thank-you`s`` and ``see you next time`` the rally wrapped up with dance and music and on Sunday, May 17, 2015 most Harleys made their way back to their home valleys again.

July 4, 2015
After a meet and greet at the Old Wheelers Club the night before, some 30 Harley Davidson met at the Tony Rust Track at 07:30 to start their annual safety training.
The first two hours were dedicated to theoretical training, lessons on speeding (or rather the dangers of speeding) signs, pack-riding etc. Guilliaume Kruger held the attention of the delegates and as it came to a point of ``cabin fever``, we were let onto the track. Guilliaume and his partner from Advanced Driving Academy, took the Harley riders through some practical safety issues - emergency braking, swerving at speed, etc. The track then served the ideal venue to do some pack riding skills training and thereafter the track was opened for some Harley owners to put their bikes to the test.
The training was closed off with a ``Knobel Run`` allowing the riders to practice their newly learnt skills and throwing a few dice at pre-determined spots.
After a shower and refresher, we ended off the day with some food, music and great company.

September 11 - 13, 2015
The second annual Spring Ride as hosted by the Harley owners in Tsumeb was attended by 32 Harley riders and some 10 pillions. All stops were pulled at the meet and greet at the Tsumeb Golf Clubhouse, all kindly sponsored again by Rubicon Security and Martin v/d Berg.
Saturday morning the pack was briefed, divided into three groups and sent on a ``treasure hunt`` taking the riders on a 180 km roundtrip to all the sights in and around Tsumeb. The Spring ride concluded with some Harley games of a different flavour.
Saturday evening saw the farewell party, again with great food, excellent music and awesome companionship.

October 24, 2015
A delegation of 23 HOG Namibia Chapter attended the West Coast Rally, hosted by our sponsoring dealership, Harley Davidson Tygervalley. We felt right at home amongst the 650 entrants and some close to 580 Harley Davidson bikes. It was the first time that this rally was held in Saldanha Bay and apart from an excellent rally all around, the 3000 km roundtrip will also be a good memory.

November 7, 2015
The host was once again the HOG members along the coats and the weekend was dedicated to the annual (third) Poker Run, a shoulder-rub with the Old Wheelers in Swakopmund and our annual AGM. We had the privilege of having our sponsor, Marc Marais from H-D Tygervalley attend the weekend with us.