H.O.G. Namibia History 


Whilst Namibia always had some H-D owners, albeit wide-spread and largely secluded, little effort was made by the owners to organise themselves into a group of Harley owners.

Social get-togethers had always been the order of the day and the Windhoek H-D owners would meet at Paguel`s Restaurant for a beer and an ad-hoc run. The Coastal H-D owners would meet on weekends and take a ride out to the `boompie` and feed the birds. All of this, however, very unplanned and unstructured.

With the perseverance of one H-D owner, however, more and more H-D owners were identified and encouraged to join the informal, yet social gathering, up to a point when all were in agreement that we should try to formalise the H-D owners into a recognised group. This was pushed by none other than Waltie Kleinhans, who also was to become the first Director of the H.O.G. Namibia Chapter.

The Harley-Davidson Tygervalley dealer from Cape Town had attended an Expo in Windhoek during May 2013, which formed a strong basis of H-D owners from across Namibia to get together and it was by this association, that Harley-Davidson Tygervalley was approached sponsor the H.O.G. Namibia Chapter.

And thus it came to be that on July 24, 2013 the H.O.G. Namibia was registered as an official Harley Owners Group, comprising of 33 founding members

A legend was born

The Office Bearers of the H.O.G. Namibia take it upon themselves to keep the Chapter alive and striving. We would like to thank them for a job well done.